• Slingerland Radio King0:00

1966 Ludwig Supraphonic 14x5

  • 1980s Ludwig Black Galaxy0:00

  • Mapex Versatus 14x50:00

Ludwig Copperphonic 14x6.5

***Snares below are available for an additional charge***

1980's Ludwig Black Galaxy 14x5

Tama Artwood 13x6

60's Slingerland Radio King 14x5

  • 1966 Ludwig Supraphonic0:00

Mapex Black Panther Versatus 14x5

  • Tama Artwood 13x60:00

Tama SLP 13 x 6 inch Maple

  • Tama SLP 13x60:00

1980's Tama Steel 14x6.5

All rentals come with 2 snares:  

14x5 inch Mapex Tomahawk Steel

14x5 inch Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 

SJC Aluminum 14 x 6.5

Sound Clips


** All Bottom heads tuned to 395Hz.

  • SJC Aluminum 14x6.50:00

  • 1980s Tama Steel Snare0:00

  • Ludwig Copperphonic0:00